Simple, Efficient and Successful

There are many facets and duties of property management, and these include –

  • Marketing the property
  • Securing good tenants
  • Handling tenancy agreements and rental bonds
  • Managing the tenancy
  • Effective communication with tenants
  • Conducting regular property inspections
  • Ensuring your property is tenanted and keeping vacancy rates low
  • Representing you at the Tribunal in the event of a dispute
  • Keeping you informed
  • Paying the rent to you, less any costs and agency fees

Management fees vary greatly between real estate agencies and this include letting fees, management fees, advertisement costs, tenancy preparation fees,
monthly account fees, bank fees, Tribunal attendance fees plus other fees set out in the agency agreement.

We believe in simplicity and we endeavour to be competitive by offering a flat property management fee structure.

We are a 100% privately owned boutique realty.

Another reason why our clients receive individual time and attention – we have to,
because it is in the best interest of our clients.