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Alex Alexandrou JP
Alex Alexandrou JP, BSc (Hons), Dip FMBM
Licensed Real Estate Agent

About Us

I established QED Realty in 2004 with two thoughts in mind –

First, to offer complimentary Buyers’ Agent services for clients of Complete Lending Solutions.

Second, to advise clients with selling, renting, leasing, and managing residential, commercial and industrial property.

Buyers’ Agent

Buyers’ Agents usually charge a non-refundable retainer fee plus a commission based fee on the purchase price of the property (similar to what real estate agents charge), as well as auction bidding fees.

Our advice is to negotiate a remuneration structure that includes a fee for service (for the Buyers’ Agent’s time), and a performance based fee on how much the Buyers’ Agent buys the property below an agreed price, as agreed by you and the Buyers’ Agent.

Complimentary Buyers’ Agent

The complimentary Buyers’ Agent service includes inspecting and appraising real estate, negotiating with real estate agents, liaising with your solicitor or conveyancer, and bidding at auctions.

Why complimentary? I believe that clients of Complete Lending Solutions should have support and professional advice when purchasing property because not everyone can afford the services of a Buyers’ Agent.

Auction Bidding

Bidding at real estate auctions need not be daunting or intimidating.

Most auctioneers are predictable in their style in order to lull bidders into feeling secure.

They also make efforts to create pressure and excitement so that an immediate sale may be secured under the gavel.

But if you can read the auctioneer, size up the other bidders, and know when and how to bid, when to fold and unfold, then you have a clear and distinctive advantage.

We are very, very good at bidding at real estate auctions!

Want to know more? Visit bidsquare.com.au.


I would choose knowledgeable professionals that talk to me straight and display candour and transparency, and have great people and negotiating skills.

Commissions need to be competitive and reflect the marketability, saleability, location, ambience and character of the property, and the expectations of the vendor and agent.

Our advice is to negotiate a remuneration structure that includes a fee for service (for the agent’s time to show the property etc.) and a performance based fee on how much the agent sells the property above an agreed price, as agreed by you and the Real Estate Agent.

Marketing should be online advertisement without any photo editing allowed.

A single photo is worth 100 words.

A detailed floor plan must be worth more than 1,000 words. It is the single most important way to describe a property, and instantly reveal not only size but layout.

A one-minute video must be worth at least a million words because it shows the character and features of the property.

Property Management

Property management is all about client (landlord) relationships.

There are many facets and duties of property management but the most important are – marketing the property well, securing good tenants, effective communications with tenants and landlords, conducting regular property inspections, and keeping vacancy rates low.

Management fees and charges must be competitive and simple, and ideally be a flat fee structure which includes all or most of letting, management, advertisement, tenancy, lease renewal, account, bank and NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) attendance fees.